Rogue The Southern Belle

Strength 16D Intellect 4D
2 Edge * Hand Size
Agility 6D Willpower 7D

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Southern Belle, Acolyte, X-Man.

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Real Name
Marie D’Ancanto.
Rogue, Skunk, Belle.
Dual citizenship; Genosha, United States.
Place of Birth
Caldecott, Mississippi.

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Guilt Ridden
Blah blah things.


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Brawling; Aerial Combat; Mechanics; Meditation.


  • Flight 10
    • Stunt(s): None.
  • Resistance +5
    • Stunt(s): Disease, Mental Control, Poison.
  • Power Theft 18
    • Unique Stunt(s):
      • Sugah (16) : If target is willing and Rogue prepares out of combat, the difficulty, and damage inflicted by, power theft is reduced to 0.  For the duration, target is at -1 to all attributes except edge, but otherwise unimpaired unless any attribute drops to 0. The target’s powers, abilities memories and skills are gained at their skill level and intensity up to theft’s intensity. This remains in effect until all attributes drop to 0 by decaying 1-2 points per day, or are released.  This is an easy action with 0 difficulty.  This stunt can be effected by Edge.
      • Spice (16) : If target is willing and Rogue hasn’t prepared, damage inflicted upon the target by power theft is reduced by their willpower score.  Both Rogue and the target are at -1 to all attributes except edge.  Otherwise, Spice functions the same as Sugah.  This stunt can’t be effected by Edge.
    • Limit(s):
      • Cain’t Touch Me : When using either unique stunt, all of Rogue’s powers and abilities are overwritten by the target’s. If Rogue attempts to steal powers above the intensity of her own, she must succeed in a willpower roll or will immediately be consumed by the target’s personality.
      • Touch Only.

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    History Title.


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