Dr. Donald Blake is the Thorson

Strength 19B Intellect 6B
3 Edge * Hand Size
Agility 6D Willpower 9D

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Real Name; Donald Michael Blake, Donald Thorson
Aliases; Thor, Thunderstrike, Lord of Odinheim.
Identity; Secret, known only to select individuals.
Citizenship; U.S. of A.
Place of Birth; Norway.

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Calling; Idealist
Hindrance; None
Personality; Donald Blake is as cool as the other side of the pillow, matching Thor’s pure strength with his own pure intelligence. As honorable and exuberant as Thor was, Blake is cool and calculating, willing to do what needs to be done. Donald shares Thor’s complete faith in the Human condition, but as Thunderstrike he is willing to acknowledge that some times Humans do stupid things for stupid reasons and need people like the Gods to protect them. Donald and Thor share many qualities, including their tastes in challenge or women, often at the same time.


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Hammers, Swords, WrestlingArcheryLore (Asgardian), Medicine, Mythology, Psychiatry, Sociology; Leadership, Politics [Asgard].


  • Cosmic Awareness 10
  • Detection 10
    • Stunt(s): Illusion/Deceit Detection
  • Life Support 8
  • Odin-Force 18
  • Resistance +8 to Aging, Cold, Disease, Fire, Poison, and Radiation.

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  • Belt of Strength +3 (Megingjord)
    • Limit(s):Strength drops to 16 without Belt.
  • Body Armor +3
    • Stunt(s): Conductivity (He can fire lightning bolts from his chest/back).
  • War Hammer +7  (Mjolnir)
    • All Intensity 18: Air Control, Automatic Return, Body Transformation [Asgard Form], Blinding, Detection (Magic), Dimensional Travel, Energy Reflection, Life Drain, Unbreakable, Weather Control (and Lightning Bolts), Worthiness (Only those with Nobility and 15+ strength can wield Mjolnir).
  • War Hammer +7 (Thunderstrike)
    • All Intensity 18: Air Control, Automatic Return, Body Transformation [Asgard Form], Blinding, Detection (Magic), Dimensional Travel, Energy Reflection, Life Drain, Unbreakable, Weather Control (and Lightning Bolts), Worthiness (Only those with Nobility and 15+ strength can wield Thunderstrike).


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Faced with a desperate choice, the Mighty Thor chose to put his faith in Humanity. Before him stood the Nightmare, an insidious creature of nearly unimaginable power, in whose hands was the fate of the Asgardian Race. He chose wrong.

Ancient History…

Thousands of years ago, prior to the sinking of Atlantis, there was a city of humans in an area of the world that would later be known as Greece, then known as Titanos. Among them was a man known as Kronos, whom was chiefly responsible for their advancements. Kronos himself, discovered a power that he could define only as “the Cosmic Source.” In his efforts to harness this power source, in an effort to provide his people with a self-sustaining clean energy source, Kronos touched the source directly. The result of which was a cascading explosion that reduced him to molecules, but also spread across the entire city, reducing their marvelous city to ash, but miraculously he was the only fatality. Instead of providing his people with a clean energy, the “cosmic source” infused itself within each of them, granting them all wondrous powers and immortality and in the process creating a race known as Eternals.

In time they began to rebuild their city, under the leadership of Kronos’ sons. So advanced were they, that they were deemed Gods by the Human race. Many of the Eternals chose to fulfill that very role at the time and the Greek Pantheon was created, under Zuras the eldest son of Kronos. As time passed many of the sons of Kronos broke off and did the same, establishing their own pantheons across the world. There was of course, select members of the Eternals who felt that this was a gross abuse of their gifts, these select few chose to follow A’lars in to the skies and leave Earth behind. A’lars went on to establish a colony on the Titan Moon, renaming his people the Titans.

Bor, son of Kronos, went north to Scandinavia. Before the accident he had been a hunter and a warrior. Now with immortality, he found himself pressed for challenge and sought it out in the wilds against the fabled Frost Giants.

Having traveled alone, Bor found himself in need of companionship and he would find it in the wildlings of Scandinavia. The people there had lived a meager life, always fearful of the mythical creatures who ruled their untamed lands. Bor brought power and hope to these people, whom were only to hungry to embrace it. Soon Bor had raised an army, with which he put to the task of over-throwing the Frost Giants and driving them from the land. After defeating the Frost King and claiming his daughter as a wife, the Humans of the land began to tell tales of Bor’s feats. Though he never sought worship as many of his brethren had Bor soon found that he had such anyway. When finally expelling the Frost Giants from the Land, he found that his was more than a Hero to his people. He had become a God of myth and legend, the first Asgardian.

Try as he might, even having three sons (Vili, Ve and Odin), founding the city of Asgard, Bor could not escape the life he had unintentionally forged for himself. Bor would once again choose to leave his “duties” as a God, this time to use the knowledge of Kronos and raise Asgard in to the Heavens. From there he believed that he could resume his thirst for challenge. He would not be disappointed, as in raising Asgard to the Heavens he had upset the balance and created a new ‘Realm.’ Earth was now known as Midgard, a sub-realm beneath the heavenly Asgard. This drew great ire from the Elder Gods and Demons, such as Set and Surtur, who would set upon Earth in Bor’s absence. His son, Odin, groomed by Bor to be his successor, stood in his father’s place. Many falsely credit Odin with the creation of Humanity, but the truth is that he created the Vikings out of the Wilders of the land to stand against the Demons on Midgard. Bor, realizing his error or merely in thirst of bloodshed, joined his son and together they once more drove the demons from Earth. Seeing that Odin was now truly ensconced as a God to the Humans, Bor bequeathed him Asgard and set off for a final confrontation with Surtur.

Through some magic, Bor fell to a mysterious attacker who’s spell turned the molecules of his body in to flakes of snow and scattered them in to the wind. Odin would battle Surtur in his place, felling the great Fire Demon and banishing him from Midgard. Then fearing Bor was right, Odin took his immortal kin to Asgard, vowing to protect the Realms of Asgard and Midgard, but to do so from afar out of the belief that Godly presence upon Earth merely made it a target for the likes of Surtur.

The Asgardians faced thousands of years of war, in order to bring relative peace to the Nine Realms. During this time Odin fell in love with the Elder Goddess Gaia. Together they sired a child, the future Prince of Asgard: Thor. Like Bor before him, Odin took a hand in personally grooming Thor to one day take his place. Through the years, Odin was troubled by images of his father’s mysterious demise. As well he began to see images of Bor, seeking release from the infernal prison of eternal life scattered to the winds. Odin, believed that Bor would never be happy to live a simple life and so he put aside his visions in order to keep Bor from returning to seek war across the Nine Realms again. These visions plagued Odin for centuries, until at the precipice of Peace, having just beaten the Frost Giant King, Bor manipulated Odin in to taking the Frost King’s son as his own. True to his word, the images of Bor immediately ceased, with Odin apparently having come full circle in that Odin himself was half frost giant himself.

Thor and Loki would be raised side by side. Eventually Odin’s sons Baldur and Tyr would join them. The four, along side their friends, the Warrior’s Three would share many adventures together. Legends were born of these adventures.

Thousands of years passed in relative peace. Loki, foretold the coming of “The End of All.” The prophecy of Ragnarok was widely regarded as nothing but another of Loki’s lies, until the All-Father felt the death of one of his Eternal uncles. Communing with Zeus and others of the Eternal Pantheon, it was decided that each race would invoke the Uni-Mind; a dark gift of Kronos by which all of the Sons and Daughters of a lineage could join their spark of ‘the Cosmic Source’ together in to one being. The various pantheons sought to forestall Ragnarok, through battle with the oncoming end of days. Their efforts were for not, as they faced an enemy unlike any they had known before; the benevolent Phoenix Force. A being as old as time itself and hungry from it’s own captivity at the hands of Galactus.

As a last act of preserving his people, Odin chose to cast off the sparks of life that were his people. Using the last bits of his power, he sent his children to Midgard in the hopes that binding them to the Human Race would hide them from the Hunger of the Phoenix. His gamble worked and soon the other Pantheons that had not yet fallen followed suit. This last effort forced all the children of the Gods to take upon themselves Human Hosts.

Thor was not among his people at the time of the Phoenix. As part of Odin’s promise to always protect the Nine Realms, as well as his effort to groom his first son, Thor had been sent to Midgard in order to learn the aspects of Humanity that life on Asgard could never provide. As such he was the only unhosted Eternal on Earth.

Shockingly, Thor did not make any effort to free his people from their Human prisons. Nor did he make any move to rebuild Asgard or do as his father had groomed him for; taking Odin’s place as a leader to his people. Much like Odin had refused to free Bor from his eternal prison, fearing that Bor would resume his eternal hunt for conflict and through that actually create conflict where none existed, Thor believed that in bringing his people back would simply restart their cycle and lead once more to Ragnarok. Instead Thor spent his days living in exile, keeping the company of the few humans who shared in the worship of Gaia, Thor’s mother. Odin’s son had become a Hippie.

Waking from a Nightmare.

Though Thor practiced a pacifistic life, he still embraced his role as the Guardian of Midgard. He simply chose to pursue those duties in a way that was perhaps not in line with his Father’s intent. Thor was of the belief that Humanity would embrace him as a God, like children who take to the example of their parents, he would save them from themselves by showing them a better way. Most of his time on Midgard was spent in absence of technology, in putting peaceful resolutions to problems above fighting things out. He brought rain to people in need, brought peace to Warring nations through merely showing up. Or that had been the plan and it worked until those working in opposition of Thor began to catch on to his unwillingness to break his pacifistic vows. Thor suffered defeats like never before at the hands of such beings as Perun (a demi-god of another pantheon), the Abomination (a gamma irradiated dictator from Russia). Though Humanity was able to persevere in the face of these defeats, many blamed Thor for the protracted nature of the conflicts, feeling that he could have helped bring swift end to them had he chosen to act.

Unknown by Odin and Zeus, their plans to send the Eternals to Earth had a flaw. Their children were essentially “asleep” until their cosmic spark was awakened. This made them especially vulnerable to the entity Nightmare, who used their slumber as a window to invade the slumber of their immortal minds. Through this, he also gained a foothold in many of their human hosts and was able to gain great power through harvesting their fear through inducing eternal nightmares within them. More than one Eternal fell to insanity because of this, including the human host of the All-Father himself.

Once more Thor was slow to action, but this time when he realized the horror that was Nightmare’s torment of his brethren Thor cast off his pacifists bonds and went to battle with the Fear Lord, Nightmare. The battle was fierce, Thor and his comrades were each trapped within a Nightmare of their own construct. One by one they began to fall, until only the God of Thunder remained. On the verge of breaking Nightmare’s hold, the Fear Lord offered Thor an alternative; Lay down his Hammer, Give Nightmare entrance in to Midgard and in return Nightmare would free the Asgardians from their eternal slumber and restore the Bifrost Bridge and their access to Asgard.

Believing that Humanity would always overcome, Thor chose to give Nightmare free access to Midgard, unleashing the Fear Lord on Humanity. Thor would quickly find the error of his ways. As Odin’s awakening shattered the delicate psyche of his tortured Host. Literally Odin’s spark of “Cosmic Source” was split asunder, by a body that could no longer hold it. Trapped, Odin was split between Asgard and Midgard, half in one world, half in the other. Unable to truly fulfill the end of Nightmare’s bargain of restoring Asgard.

Whomever shall hold this Hammer. If he shall be worthy, shall possess all the powers of… Thor!

Facing his father’s judgment for the decisions he had made, Thor found his father’s disappointment to be a great burden. Odin, believing that Thor had failed in his duties as Prince of Asgard -and- Guardian of Midgard, stripped his son of his godly titles and banished him from the Nine Realms. Sentenced to walk the realm between realms, Thor was sentenced to damnation.

Unwilling to leave Earth without it’s protector, Odin commissioned the Dwarves to forge a new Hammer to be presented to a chosen champion. Odin then imbued the new Hammer with all the powers of Thor and sent it to Earth to find a new champion. Landing in the forests outside of Tronheim, Norway the Hammer would wait for nearly a year.

While on Vacation, Jane Foster and Donald Blake discovered the Hammer deep within a cavern they were intending to go spelunking in. Jane Foster, a well known scientist in the field of meteorological study, believed that the Hammer could possibly be the cause of the strange weather conditions in the area. Donald was skeptical. Having spent most of his life as a medical practitioner and psychologist, Donald believed that there was always a scientific explanation for anything. Sometimes the explanation was merely undiscovered at the time. As such he did not believe in Jane’s theory, in fact he believed the whole thing to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax which he sought to debunk. In short order the pair discovered that the object had been there for over a year, yet showed no signs of weather or environmental damage.

Frustrated by the lack of explanation and inability to put solid theory to the Hammer’s existence, not their inability to lift it, Donald sought out aide from other sources. Colleagues in the field of science and medicine, to whom he believed would keep the secret discovery just that, secret. As is normal, Donald had let the genie out of the bottle. Soon the little cavern was crawling with scientists all seeking to understand the mysteries of the Hammer. Not all researchers were there for unselfish reasons, Donald would awaken one morning to find that the entire camp was being held hostage by agents of Hydra. Rounded up and marched in to the center of the camp, Hydra sought to put the genie back in to the bottle by silencing all those with knowledge of the Hammer’s existence if they did not agree to work for Hydra’s greater design of using the Hammer’s power for themselves. Jane was chosen as the first to be silenced and a message to the rest that resistance to the plan would be met with harsh results. It was then, that Donald moved to help his girlfriend and in response to it one of the Agents of Hydra shot him in the leg. Blake stumbled and fell before the Hammer, forced to watch as Jane was lined up before the firing squad.

In that moment Donald put his hand upon the Hammer’s hilt, with nothing but the innocent intention of using it to leverage himself up to make one last effort to save Jane, and lightning struck him. Emerging from the ball of static white light, the mighty Thor was reborn. He quickly dispatched the Hydra Agents and saved Jane Foster.

The Thunderer.

Bereft of any memories to his Godly life, he was a blank slate. Donald Blake could feel, see, but not influence any of the actions of his counterpart. In time though, he learned that Thor was held to the same rules and so Donald began to study. He learned of Asgard, the stories of Bor and Odin, the tales of Thor and Loki, those of the Warrior’s Three. His eyes opened to a whole new world, Donald Blake knew that he could never again go back to what the time before he knew of the world beyond just mortal science.

Returning to New York, Donald started to become deeply involved in medicine of the mind in part because of his efforts to overcome the trauma of losing mobility in his left leg. At the same time as he was overcoming the trauma, he was also dealing with the duality of his life, his mind and existence. He felt, for the first time, purpose in his existence and threw himself in to his work. While his efforts to save lives as a Doctor blossomed with the opening of a free clinic, he became greatly detached from Jane Foster due to his inability to share with her his new identity as Thor.  Though he tried more than once to do so, something kept her from truly believing. In time he found that this was due to Jane herself, her near-death experience in Norway had affected her as deeply as it had Donald. While Donald was learning that there were no limits to the world around them, Jane had lost a great deal of her faith in the unknown. Donald’s first lesson in humility, came when he arrived home to find that Jane had left him a note telling him that she was leaving to “find herself” and asking him not to follow.

How did he react to this lesson? At first, by withdrawing from the world around him. Fate, however, had other intentions for him as he would soon find himself plagued with nightmares. Nightmares that spawned from the minds of the sleeping Eternals and their hosts who were once more suffering at the hands of the Fear Lord; Nightmare. Some inner focus, a desire to right past wrongs, overcame him. Blake would turn his clinic in to an out-reach program, seeking to help those affected by the terror filled dreams or sleepless nights. As he learned of the plight that was before him, he was able to garner many allies and then turned to his other half to unleashed a new Thor upon the Fear Lord.

Not long after Nightmare was finally defeated, Donald found himself in a position that the true Thor had not found. Thor was once more lauded as a Hero across the world. While in the guise of Thor, he was approached by Tony Stark and asked to join the Avenger Initiative. A world wide task force, designed to insure the stability of the world and protect it from agents abroad and within. Humbled not by the offer but by the startling revelation that he was hearing other voices in his head as Tony spoke to him, Thor accepted.

While some might fear hearing voices in their head, Thor was bewildered more than anything. For the first time since lifting the Hammer, Donald was visited by a vision of Odin. The All-Father explained that the voices were nothing to fear, as they were not a sign of his failing sanity. Donald had restored some of the world’s Faith in the God of Thunder and because of that he was hearing Prayers. Before disappearing, Odin told Donald of the Asgardians still trapped on Midgard, still asleep within their hosts. As he began to fade from his vision, Odin told him that he was as proud of him and wished only that his true son could have learned these lessons for himself.

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