Forge is The Maker

Strength 6D Intellect 9A
2 Edge * Hand Size
Agility 4D Willpower 8C

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Mutant, Mechanic, Maker.

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Real Name
Forge, Maker, Mechanic.
Secret, Real Name is unknown to any other living soul.
Duel Citizenship; United States & Genosha.
Place of Birth
N. Cheyenne, Montana.

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Investigator (Mechanics).
Disable; Right Arm & Right Leg.
To most, Forge seems cold, calculating and distant. Those he trusts known him to be a compassionate individual, concerned with the health and safety of most people. Forge is one of those rare individuals that has been able to master the spiritual and scientific disciplines, allowing him to blend them together.


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Wrestling; MarksmanshipBionics, Computers, Electronics, Occult; Finance, Military.

  • Invulnerability to Illusions
    • Includes Magic, Technological, Mental Control, Psionics.
  • Mechanical Empathy 18
    • Stunt(s): Intuitive Genius.
  • Bionic Hand and Leg 10
    • Stunt(s): “Various Technological Devices.”
  • Ghost Box
    • Stunt(s): Gateway.
    • Limit(s): Predetermined Locations Only.

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Mechanical Empathy” — Unique Power: If the Difficulty Level of making a piece of equipment (mechanical, cybernetic, organic) is equal to or less than the intensity of Forge’s Mechanical Empathy, the difficulty is reduced to zero.

Intuitive Genius”– Unique Stunt: Allows Mechanical Empathy to function as perception, giving Forge the ability to visually perceive mechanically energy (the potential energy present in components of a mechanical, cybernetic or organic construct). Giving Forge the instinctive ability to know and understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device in his visual range. This stunt when combined with his natural intelligence and mechanical empathy allows him to conceive, design, and build new technology. As well as operate, modify, disassemble or create counter-measures for existing technology.


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1974 — Born to the Cheyenne tribe, in the Great Plains of Montana, the babe was immediately destined for great things. As the Tribal Shaman sensed his latent ability to use magic,  Forge was taken from his parents, with their consent. Then he was raised to become a Shaman, a sooth-sayer and witch doctor for his the Cheyenne. For the majority of his life he would be home schooled legally, while his tribe taught him all of the best they had to offer in the way of fighting (wrestling), and hunting (marksmanship). The tribal plans for his future never quite materialized, as he frequently found himself unable to master even the simplest of shamanistic abilities, despite the elders telling him repeatedly that he the most potential that they had ever seen.

1990 — At the age of sixteen, after years of failing to reach his potential, Forge was taken on a Vision Quest to discover his destiny. The tribal elders hoped that he would see himself as a leader of their people’s next generation, that through this vision he might gain the confidence to overcome his failings in the realm of the mystical arts. Forge did get a glimpse of his future, it was just was nothing like the elders had hoped it would be. What he saw was a time, not all that far in to the distant future, when he would become the ‘Creator’ of the the future’s last hope. He saw a time when he needed to know how to survive, to command men and women in battle. Making life and death decisions every day. Most of all, he saw a time when he was forced to create great machines of war, because like the Native Indians of old there was a great perile in store for all of Mutant Kind.

Shortly after his Vision Quest, Forge would set out to leave the Reservation and enlist in the American Army. During his time in the military; Forge would work in the motor pool, making something of a prolific name for himself. It was during this period of his life that he drew the attention of Colonel Nicholas Fury and was given his call-sign. “Forge,” because in Fury’s commandos he was considered the modern day blacksmith.

1994 — During the later stages of the first Gulf War, the Motor Pool in which Forge was working was bombed by Iraqi insurgents. Forge was critically injured; losing his one of his hands and legs in the explosion. Due to his disability he was granted an honorable discharged and sent back home to the reservation. Remembering his Vision Quest, this was a fate that he considered worse than death.

During this time Forge retreated in to himself. He took up residence with his Tribe again. His people were convinced that the arts of the Shaman would ‘make him whole’ again’ but Forge was never one to wait for the whim of the Gods. As he sat nostalgically in a garage owned by a friend of his the ideas begin to take shape in his mind. Unbidden, mostly not understood, he began to work. By the end of that year, Forge had fashioned himself a fully functional prosthetic hand and leg. This stunning realization of his innate abilities began to take shape in a whirlwind. Unsurprisingly word of this boy-genius who created cybernetic parts out of scrap from a Ford Fairlane reached the ears of Nicholas Fury as he was beginning to build the foundations of what would become S.H.I.E.L.D. He reached out to Forge, offering him a position in the “think-tank” along side the likes of Reed Richards and Tony Stark. Though tempted by the offer, once again Forge would decline. As word of his cybernetics spread far and wide, he was sought out by others. Leading to his turning down offers from Charles Xavier to join his first class of X-Men and Sebastian Shaw to work on his innovative Sentinel Project. He simply didn’t see himself as fitting in with children at a school or high society muckity-mucks that always had their nose in the air.

1997 — It was in the fall of ’97 that Forge was approached by a man representing himself a comrade in arms. A fellow soldier. The man brought with him a case that was ripe with information about the atrocities being committed in Genosha. This all brought Forge back to that Vision Quest seven years earlier. Before him was the very type of persecution of ‘His People’ that he had dreamed of. So it was that Forge signed on to aide in the Genoshan Revolution.

2001 — The liberation of the tiny Island of Genosha would last nearly four years. Taking a terrible tole on the land, the inhabitants and most of the African coastline that Genosha shared borders with. The cost for Freedom was high. So much so that Forge found himself unable to cope with the ‘Peace’ that would soon follow. Prior to the bombing of the Twin Towers in America, Forge had become little more than a wandering laborer and vagrant. Peddling his services at fixing any little thing he could for nothing more than a hot meal. Shortly after the devastation that was September 11th, 2001, Forge witnessed the dawning of a new age. The United States initiated a registration act. They sectioned off entire cities, designating them ‘Mutant Free Zones.’ The stress of realizing that his future did not end in Genosha weighed heavily upon him. Forge began to lose that grasp upon reality that roots most people firmly in to their sanity. During the brief period before his sanity finally shattered, Forge was employed by Worthington Industries to aide in a project designing and building a submersible mobile command center. Unknowing or simply never realizing that the project he was working on was for the X-Men. Soon after it’s completion, with the rising tide of Anti-Mutant Hysteria, Forge was institutionalized and would seemingly remain that way for many years.

For Forge most of the time for the next six years became a blur. During his periods of lucidity, he was released from the institution and able to function semi-normally in the world. At one point he was able enough to actually make the trip to New York. To experience this all for himself. It was there that was able to take part in the original creation of the Guard and build lasting connections to many of those who joined that group. Unfortunately for Forge his sanity was simply a fragile that would come and go like the tide. Though most never knew of it, he was in and out of Ravencroft Institute so many times that they began to reserve a room for him. Most of this time-span is a Haze for Forge, remembered more like someone would a dream. Viewed through a fog in an almost ‘Out of Body’ experience, with memories that flitter away almost as soon as he reaches for them.

2006 — In early twenty-oh-six, during one of his times at Ravencroft, Forge was approached by a peculiar man who offered him a puzzle box. He was told that if he could figure out the box, that he could be given a great reward. While the prospect of a reward held no real lure for him the puzzle box was a thing of mystery. The design was foreign and yet completely familiar. He began to work tirelessly at it, even to the point of obsession by the standards of the doctors. Try as they might, they could not pry it away from his cybernetic hand. Try as he might, the puzzle box constantly foiled his every efforts but day by day it was filling him with purpose. As time with the box passed, Forge began to recognize that it’s secrets were alluding him by virtue of his mind being too unorganized. His thoughts too cluttered. This would force him in to thinking of how to solve his own insanity and in turn the epiphany that his own mind was nothing more than a machine. A very complex, biological, hard drive. Almost to the instant with Forge’s recognition of his own control over his inner mind, did the Puzzle Box begin to solve itself. He could see the potential energy it held within it’s design and began to awaken it.

When the man returned for his Puzzle Box, he discovered that not only had Forge solved it, but he had taken the Box and discovered it’s true purpose. It was a brain-teaser, meant to bring him out of his own mind’s turmoil. Furthermore Forge had taken the Box and change it’s inner mechanism turning it in to a thought box. Which he would use to store all of his stray thoughts and ideas.

As it turned out the man who was Forge’s savior was called Cable. Nathan Askani, supposedly from the future. Cast back in time for the purpose of setting right the world. While disbelief was nature, the proof was in the man himself. His own arm and eye, cybernetically replaced. Augmented with a variation of the transmode virus. A virus that Forge himself had dreamed of creating, had scribbled the initial stages of designs for on the wall of his Asylum room. This was all the proof that he needed and so he agreed to help Cable in changing the future. Little did he know that he would designing a time travel device that would assist Nathan Summers in kidnapping the daughter of Jean Grey and James Howlett. Because like Forge, Rachel was destined to one day ‘Save the Future.’

2010 — After the Askanison departed for the future with baby Rachel, Forge was once again adrift. So he began to set roots in New York, where his fragmented memory told him that he had friends and purpose. Opening a bar, he would begin working his craft one suped up muscle car at a time. Once again, Forge’s work brought him in to contact with the X-Men. Through his previous work with them, though he had little knowledge of it being actually for them, he was brought in to aide with retrofitting the very submarine that he helped design nearly a decade earlier. The intention being for it to be used as a mobile training and staging platform for the X-Men’s and their future generation. As he spent time with other mutants, his spirits and hopes were bouyied by their ‘Dream for Peaceful Coexistence’ and perhaps the dazzling eye of a young woman.

Forge remained with the X-Men, until the outbreak of third World War. During which he was once more recruited to assist Nathan Askani, but this time declined. Opting instead to take a role in X-Corporation, that would allow him to work on a project named ‘Utopia.’ This was essentially a planned X-Men Base, that could serve as a replacement for the base the X-Men lost in the initial stages of the war. It was to be the last hold out against the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, should the tide of the War not go in favor of mutant kind.

He would remain with X-Corp, overseeing the multi-year construction of ‘Utopia.’ Forge remained an active member of the X-Men, until the destruction of the submersible base. When he recognized that the war for Mutant Kind’s survival was truly not going the way it should. He threw himself in to his work, believing that he might very well be constructing the foundations of the future he saw in a Vision as a boy.

Current — Forge makes his return.


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