World War II: Lucky Jim


With the coming of the second World War, and the tragic death of his Master Ogun, he would venture again out into the world. Logan again felt the call of Canadian Armed Forces. This time taking a more overt role in things, he was looked upon as a hero of the first war. One of the few to somehow still be ‘fit for duty’ in the field. His Legend as ‘Lucky Jim’ would for the Canadian and European Troops become a myth that rivaled that of Captain America.

The world was still caught in an age of ignorance, not yet understanding what a mutant was, it was simply thought that he was -extremely- lucky to not die. There were times he would return from an air-drop with more holes in his clothing than could be counted.

The year of 1942 is significant in Logan’s History. For the first time in his life he was ‘captured by the enemy’. Placed in one of the Sobibor concentration camps. Refusing to be broken the man, then still known as Jim Howlett, would spend his every waking moment driving the commandants of the Camp’s to suicide.

Following the second War, Logan would again find himself with time to enjoy life itself. This time he would take to the life of the Native Americans, forming a relationship with the woman known as Silver Fox, before they were drafted into Team X.